I Love Paris(pt 2)

Paris continued….

Just to create more context, and in chronological order, the agenda involved travelling to Denmark(3½ days), Germany(2½days) Amsterdam(1 day) and then finally Paris (3 days). I vacillated (depending on the audience and the guarantee of maximum success rate measured by jealousy levels) between saying “I’m traveling to 4 countries in 12 days” or “I’m going to Paris”. Both were quite effective in eliciting the required reaction.

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Paris - I love you (Pt1)

I recently had the most exquisite opportunity to visit Paris whilst being abroad for work.
I flew in to Charles de Gaulle on the 8th March and then was scheduled to leave on the 11th March back to South Africa.
On my return, I started writing a post about my experiences and it turned out to be quite lengthy.
I haven’t completed the blog yet, but thought I would post the completed parts in bits, so here goes…

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It’s called a memory chair!

It’s extracted from one of my favorite magazines - http://ideasmag.co.za/

I love the name “Memory Chair” literal and figurative meanings - a double whammy!

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