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I am receiving quotes a plenty - which is what this post is about. I enjoy dissecting quotes and letting them rattle around in my head before chewing them(like chewing the cud without all the saliva - can keep me busy for quite some time). I have found some lovely blogs that combine beautiful vintage photography with thought provoking and inspiring quotes, which I would like to share.
I hope you enjoy them too.

I find the vintage photos posted at this blog ethereal - some of them feels like the soul of the person has been captured in that one moment. Absolutely delicious!

What led me to this bog was the search for the “Eternal Pain statue” which I saw at the Musee D’Orsee when I visited Paris earlier this year. I wanted to take a photo of it soooo bad, but the security guards were on high alert, patrolling up and down, not to mention the patrons who will glare a deathly stare in your direction should you even attempt to sneak a photo(I know this because when I first entered the Museum, I did sneak a pic of two).It was as if I had committed the most heinous crime in history! So the best I could do was make a note and find the pic online, which lead me to a treasure trove of blogs that I am still curating through, although they all have something beautiful and precious to offer.
The official name of this sculpture is “Eternelle douleur (Eternal Pain) with the severed head of Medusa by Paul Dardé, 1913