I Love Paris(pt 2)

Paris continued….

Just to create more context, and in chronological order, the agenda involved travelling to Denmark(3½ days), Germany(2½days) Amsterdam(1 day) and then finally Paris (3 days). I vacillated (depending on the audience and the guarantee of maximum success rate measured by jealousy levels) between saying “I’m traveling to 4 countries in 12 days” or “I’m going to Paris”. Both were quite effective in eliciting the required reaction.

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Paris - I love you (Pt1)

I recently had the most exquisite opportunity to visit Paris whilst being abroad for work.
I flew in to Charles de Gaulle on the 8th March and then was scheduled to leave on the 11th March back to South Africa.
On my return, I started writing a post about my experiences and it turned out to be quite lengthy.
I haven’t completed the blog yet, but thought I would post the completed parts in bits, so here goes…

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It’s called a memory chair!

It’s extracted from one of my favorite magazines - http://ideasmag.co.za/

I love the name “Memory Chair” literal and figurative meanings - a double whammy!

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Perfection is Boring

This is officially my first blog. I have been meaning to blog forever but have managed to squash those spontaneous moments of insanity with the cautious part of my personality that says” what have you got to say? What could you possibly say that someone would want to read or would find interesting…and so the soliloquy proceeds until I have totally out thought and out talked myself out of doing anything. “ I find all kinds of excuses that really make sense at the time like I have finished everything yet, I don’t have a plan or even know what I want to achieve?

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